Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Baby gift ideas are becoming creative by the day. People are no longer interested in the routine and want to make their baby gifts stand out. Gift hampers for babies have made giving functional and fun gifts easier. The hamper blends practicality with quirky and creative flair. Even people who aren’t of the creative kind could achieve great things with these hampers, provided they put in some effort. The following are 2 types of gifts a baby hamper coffered at Milly & Henry:

Earth-Friendly Hamper

There are several baby clothing lines specialising in organic clothing. The makers provide an assortment of organic or all-natural clothing and bedding. You could start with buying a willow or all-natural basket. Then, you could layer in some “green” clothing, bedding, and also pro-environment magazine subscriptions. To achieve optimal quality, learn more about the specific manufacturer and go through the product labels meticulously.

“Grow With Me” Hamper

This hamper comprises items ideal for babies who aren’t a year old yet. The hamper could have a growth chart. It could be based on a theme and put in items suiting the theme chosen. For instance, you may choose “footwear” as the theme and include booties, socks, and shoes that would fit the baby as they grow during their initial months. This footwear theme could be enhanced significantly by putting the various articles in a basket that looks like a fabric-lined shoebox.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised baby hampers would certainly offer increased pleasure to the baby and the new parents. Personalisation lets you leave behind your unique mark on the hamper, which shall make your gift stand out and memorable. Moreover, the baby would appreciate your gift more and the items would be treasured for years by the parents.

You may personalise fleece blankets as well by embroidering the baby’s initials or name on them. Also, you may use coloured threads for stitching in baby-specific personal details, such as origin or what its name means, on bedding or a clothing item.

Things to Consider

You must know the baby’s gender in advance. If you are planning the gift before the baby is born and there is no way you could determine the gender, you can always go with baby hamper items in colours that are gender-neutral. Moreover, there are articles that work equally well for both boys and girls, such as:

• Baby books
• Cuddly toys
• Cozy and soft blankets in different colours, but not blue or pink
• Fluffy cushions
• Music CDs for kids

You may choose to go with a baby bathtub instead of a conventional basket. This would add more functionality to the gift. Empty baskets are invariably used for storage or get jettisoned to prevent clutter in the house. A baby bathtub, on the other hand, is more practical since it could be used for a long period of time. Small laundry baskets can also be your hamper.

The bathtub could comprise bathing items, such as soaps, a rubber duck, towels, baby shampoo and baby powder. The basket could comprise mild detergents, baby clothes, and items that help keep the baby clean.

Irrespective of the baby’s gender or basket theme, the following items are ideal baby hamper fillers:

• Onesies
• Receiving blankets
• Infant gown
• Footie
• Sleeper
• Cardigan
• Tees
• Little socks
• Sweaters
• Scratch mittens
• Booties
• Rattle
• Hat or cap
• Lullaby CD
• Pacifier
• Picture frames
• Teething rings
• Baby bottles
• Book
• Burp cloth
• Diapers
• Small stuffed animals
• Bib
• Washcloth
• Soft towel
• Shampoo
• Hooded towel
• Wash mitt
• Shampoo
• Brush and comb set
• Baby soap
• Baby powder

Baby hampers provide you the opportunity to showcase your love, care and thoughtfulness to the babies and their parents. Unlike your job or routine life, these hampers let you think and become more creative than you may have been in recent times. At the same time, the hamper lets you offer a gift that is functional and fun and would impress the recipients. Not to mention, these hampers make excellent holiday presents for the baby.